Friday, 10 December 

8:00 pm  RURANGI (Cinema Lucerna)

+ welcome to the 8th Aussie & Kiwi Film Fest featuring the House of Spell bohemian fashion show and style from Australia


Saturday, 11 December 

3:00 pm NITRAM (Cinema Lucerna)

6:00 pm THE SENTIMENTAL BLOKE (Cinema Ponrepo)

+ live piano accompaniment


Sunday, 12 December 

3:00 pm BABY DONE (Cinema Lucerna)


Tuesday, 14 December 

8:00 pm LONG STORY SHORT (Cinema Lucerna)


All screenings are in original version or in English, with Czech subtitles.

Tickets may be purchased online at,


Friday, 19 November  – Thursday, 16 December  ABORIGINAL ART IN PRAGUE

 – an exhibition and sale of Australian Aboriginal Art. 19 November, 7:00 pm – Opening party with a short talk about Aboriginal culture. 16 December, 7:00 pm – Closing party with a surprise. Free entry between 10:00 am – 10:00 pm every day except Sundays. 

(Pond of View gallery in OKO! Bistro


Monday, 29 November  – Sunday, 12 December  SO FAR AND YET SO CLOSE  – an exhibition of photos of Tasmanian devils from Tasmania and the Prague Zoo, pictures of amazing Tasmanian nature and a report from Australian wildfire-affected areas that received aid organized by the Prague Zoo in 2020. Free entry, 24/7. (Passage Lucerna)

Monday, 29 November – Sunday, 8 December  THE TASMANIAN DEVIL AKA THE BEARY DEVIL – morning engaging talks for schools by David Vala, a breeder from the Prague Zoo, about Tasmanian devils, but not only about them. (Cinema Lucerna)

Wednesday, 1 December  AUSSIE & KIWI WINE TASTING (OKO!Bistro, 6:00 pm) 

Monday, 13 December  “DEVIL’S CRAFT BEER” TASTING with Filip Miller, the brewmaster of Raven Brewery (Gastrobar The Down Under, 6:30 pm)